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Personalised Lego Lego Movie Frame: Everything Is Awesome (purple/pink text)

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Hey [name] - I think you're awesome!
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About this Lego Lego Movie Frame

A stylish deep frame displaying a beautiful, customisable design with a choice of 1 - 5 LEGO® bricks to display minifigures.

Sample photos

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The design

The design is professionally printed using premium 350 GSM photo card stock. LEGO® bricks are fixed onto the card with extra strong adhesive.

  • Choice of frame colour (black or white)
  • Add personalised text (optional)
  • Add a name under each brick (optional)
  • Change the colours of the design (optional)
  • Choose the amount of bricks affixed (1 - 5)
  • Add a minifigure for each brick (or not, if you want to use/get your own)

The minifigures

The minifigure(s) you select will be placed on a LEGO® brick and appear where the minifigure outlines are shown in your preview design image.

Check out the gallery of our currently available minifigures.

The minifigures we offer are NOT manufactured by LEGO®.

They are, however, of a decent quality and look great! See some example photos here.
There is always the option to use your own minifigures. It's simple to open the frame and place minifigures onto the affixed bricks.
If getting/using your own minifigs, we would always encourage you to use genuine LEGO® ones, as you can't beat the real thing!

The frame

The frame is extra deep to allow minifigures to fit inside perfectly.

  • Dimensions - Height: 25cm, Width: 25cm, Depth: 4.5cm
  • Fittings to hang on a wall, else stand on a surface
  • Simple to open & change minifigure(s)
  • Plexiglass front

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